South Africa

Foundation for Professional Development (FDP)

Foundation for Professional Development (FPD), Pretoria, South Africa. Established in 1997 by the South African Medical Association, FPD is registered as an Institution of Higher Education. FPD has extensive expertise in TB/HIV care, supply chain management, and quality improvement, and works in all provinces of the country. Over the past 10 years, FPD has secured funding of ~$250 million from approximately 100 funders, including the NIH, South African Government, philanthropies, private sector funders, and other international and local donors. Established in 2013, FPD’s Research Unit (RU) has been awarded USD $1.5 million in from NIH, USAID, and the German KfW Development Fund. The RU has also successfully leveraged FPD’s extensive PEPFAR funding to support implementation science and epidemiological studies in support of HIV, TB and maternal-child health programs. Since 2013, the RU has hosted and mentored two UCSF and UCLA medical students. Drs. Klausner (UCLA) and Medina-Marino (FPD) are multi-PIs on the NIH R21 Pilot Study of STI Screening and Treatment for PMTCT. Drs. Medina-Marino (PI) and Shin (Co-investigator; UCLA) are also collaborating on a project investigating the acceptability, feasibility and outcomes of home-based TB testing using a mobile point of care technology. Previously, Dr. Medina-Marino collaborated with Dr. M. Huchko (UCSF) to evaluate the acceptability and accuracy of cervical cancer screening using a self-collected tampon for HPV testing among HIV-infected women. FPD will serve as a GloCal site for UC and South African trainees with a focus on HIV/TB, STIs, maternal-newborn health and implementation science.

Site contact: Dr. Andrew Medina-Marino