Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM), Maputo, Mozambique

UEM is a leading university with over a decade of multidisciplinary collaborations among faculty, students and staff affiliated with three UC campuses (UCLA, UCSD, and UCSF). UC collaborators within Mozambique are affiliated with multiple entities including the UEM, the Faculty of Medicine, Maputo Central Hospital, and the MoH. Initial collaborations focused on postgraduate medical education (UCSD) and undergraduate education in pediatrics (UCLA). Collaboration expanded to other disciplines with support from PEPFAR’s MEPI, which supported research, administrative and IT development, as well as faculty career development. Additional support from NIH grants, UCSD CFAR, FIC, and foundations strengthened UCSD and UEM ties, and enabled inclusion of Mozambique’s other major public universities, UniLurico and Unazambeze. UCLA-UEM collaborations have focused on pediatrics and pediatric surgery, including clinical and research training. The UCSF-UEM collaboration began more recently and focuses on a PEPFAR-supported monitoring and evaluation program with the MoH. In addition to UEM, the Mozambique Institute for Health Education and Research (MIHER) will support GloCal training. MIHER manages US government funds and supports two translational research laboratories at UEM. MIHER has recently purchased an apartment in Maputo, providing a residence for visiting scholars and students. Three Mozambican and three UC institutions comprise this site collaborative on multiple levels across many disciplines. UEM will continue as a productive GloCal site with a focus in HIV, public health, biomedical research, NCDs and medicine.

Site contact: Dr. Emilia Virginia Noormahomed